Simple and delicious oat milk Cafe Misto ~ Brazilian coffee by Raya Roasters ~ photo Bruce Walker

After years of drinking my coffee just plain black, I have discovered a fabulous way to safely add a creamy taste and feel to it. Long ago I gave up cane sugar at my dentist’s urging, and I have intolerances to dairy products. …

A perfect coffee break ~ photo Bruce Walker ~ homemade keto-friendly cake by Louise Peacock

The Hario V60 Japanese cone dripper makes wonderful coffee and is environmentally sound, but it requires more effort and attention to detail than other coffee making techniques. The unique aspect of the V60 that most distinguishes it from other filter drip systems is the large opening at the bottom of…

Taffy has just realized it’s din-dins time ~~~ photo by her blankie-wrangler

If you are a Canadian, or know a Canadian, or have travelled anywhere in Canada and visited a large department store there, you are likely familiar with the iconic — egads that over-used word — Hudson’s Bay Company blanket with its four colourful stripes motif. The Bay has used its…

Bruce Walker

Photographer, recovering bourgeois, coffee lover & multidisciplinary geek. Photo-genre best described as “Erratica”. Social:

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