Selected photographs 2016–2020

Please note that this work contains nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

Olivia 9

Red lily ~ photo Bruce Walker

Two very different things, though

A perfect coffee break ~ photo Bruce Walker ~ homemade keto-friendly cake by Louise Peacock

Make a fine cup of coffee using the Hario V60 cone dripper

The Hario V60 Japanese cone dripper makes wonderful coffee and is environmentally sound, but it requires more effort and attention to detail than other coffee making techniques. The unique aspect of the V60 that most distinguishes it from other filter drip systems is the large opening at the bottom of the cone. If you try to use the V60 like any other dripper, your boiled water will rush through quickly delivering extremely under-extracted, sour and weak coffee. When you search for V60 hints on the net you will find scores of how-to’s often insisting on very specific and curious details…


A showy lily

Scheherazade ~ photo Bruce Walker

This large lily opened up in my backyard during one late afternoon noisy and very wet thunderstorm here. Before another storm erupted — possibly to mangle it — I got out there with a small LED light and my camera to capture it.

I used one of my favourite tricks to make it stand out: I shone the light coloured with an orange gel filter onto the flower from camera-left and used adjustable barn doors to focus most of the light on to just the flower and not the surroundings. When the “colour temperature” of the image is adjusted to…

Gandalf high-fives the light ~ photo Bruce Walker

Quick portrait session with Gandalf the Russian Blue

Mertensia virginica ~ photograph Bruce Walker

As seen by an old guy crawling on…

Mo in March 2017 ~ photo Bruce Walker

Remembering Mo

Mo was only with us for a year or so. Her health had been neglected by her prior owner and by the time she came to us it was too late and she was — unknown to us — in chronic pain.

Mo was a pretty calico chonk. Calicos in general come with a reputation for being bitchy, but her discomforts made her extra sour-tempered and she never made friends with anyone, not our dog or either of the other cats. …

Very beautiful Anne, and well observed!

Another possible avenue for you. A number of photographers study the decay of plants and flowers when they are well past their showy prime. I admit it's an acquired taste, but there's a kind of beauty in decaying nature. The colours become more muted with an emphasis on earth tones. New textures appear in formerly smooth surfaces. Fragility replaces robustness.

I've only delved into this a little, with mixed success so far, but I think it's worth a look.

Bruce Walker

Photographer, recovering bourgeois, coffee lover & multidisciplinary geek. Photo-genre best described as “Erratica”. Social:

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