In memoriam: Gandalf the Grey (2004–2021)

Gandalf strolled confidently into our lives in 2012 after my partner Louise Peacock made an exploratory trip to the animal shelter. We had recently lost our cat Dilly to cancer and our remaining cat Taffy, a very fluffy orange female tabby who was bonded to poor old Dilly, became distraught…

Selected photographs 2016–2020

Please note that this work contains nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

Two very different things, though

Make a fine cup of coffee using the Hario V60 cone dripper

The Hario V60 Japanese cone dripper makes wonderful coffee and is environmentally sound, but it requires more effort and attention to detail than other coffee making techniques. The unique aspect of the V60 that most distinguishes it from other filter drip systems is the large opening at the bottom of…

I loved this little story, but that first shot is truly wonderful! The mood; oh, yeah.

Just about choked on my snack. Best thing ever. 🌞

I would just add that doing this purely for the joy of the doing is reason enough to create a book. For many of us practicing photography has little other purpose than pleasing ourselves and making a book is a terrific project with opportunities for learning and, dare I say, opportunities to just enjoy the journey.

Plus of course you are right: holding a book as a tangible object and seeing your photos in it is a special feeling you don't get from posting on social media.


A showy lily

This large lily opened up in my backyard during one late afternoon noisy and very wet thunderstorm here. Before another storm erupted — possibly to mangle it — I got out there with a small LED light and my camera to capture it.

I used one of my favourite tricks…

Bruce Walker

Photographer, recovering bourgeois, coffee lover & multidisciplinary geek. Photo-genre best described as “Erratica”. Social:

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